Steps to be a Social Media Content Creator~

Social Media Content Creator” became one from the very attractive jobs lately. A lot of people make research on how to start this career and asks how to be a content creator on social media. So after tons of blogs and searching about ” How to be Social Media Content Creator” here’s what I found!


First Step: Social Media Strategy

We need to create the road before riding the car. Social media strategy is the roadmap that you will create to be your guide. Social Media strategy is to set goals the business want to achieve and how you will achieve it. Make a meeting with your marketing manager and start put strategy based on these following points:

Set SMART Goals

“SMART” is an abbreviation not a word. So SMART is:

  • S:Specific

  • M: Measurable

  • A: Achievable

  • R: Relevant

  • T: Time Bound

Then how to set set SMART Goals?

Let’s say that you have an new fashion business line and want to start it. So Goals may be “Will use Facebook to launch and reach for 1000 likes in 2 months”


How will you measure if this strategy is going well or no? Answer is Metrics!

You have to know the KPI of everything to know if you are on the right track or no.

Likes and followers are easy to track but it is not always easy to know their real value. You can use metrics like engagements and click-through, and conversion rates.

You can use different platforms for different goals and therefore you measure by different metrics. For example: You can use LinkedIn to drive traffic for your website, so you will measure it by click-throughs. And you want to make brand awareness on Instagram so you will measure it by story views. But if you make ads on Facebook you can measure ads succus by Cost- Per-Click (CPC).

Here is an example on how to write a content strategy.


Second Step: Content Types

Organizing you work is the key for success. Content plan is the best way to organize your posts and what are kind of posts you will post and when.

Here are some tips for prefect content plan

1- Choose your Platform

As we mentioned above, Every platform has its own audience. You have to identify your target audience and which platform is the matching with your target audience.


2- Make different kind of content

You know, life is so boring. Don’t make a boring content plan too! There are many kinds of content you can use on social media. You can write posts, Blogs, E-book, Live Videos, GIF, Contests, Trends, Holidays. We will explain each of these content in brief


A- Posts

Writing posts isn’t a big deal, you can write an educational posts related to your industry. Sharing company news will help to let costumers know you better.

Making personal connection will help too, create posts for your employees while working, or while having fun. Personalizing social media will build a good trust between you and your client.

B- Blogs

Best platforms to share your blogs on are Facebook and LinkedIn. Sharing tips and tricks that help your clients in their life really helps in building trust and make them wait for your pro tips. You can make a long post on Instagram which is shorter than a blog but longer than a normal post, you know something in between. Add a creative image and put all your thoughts on it.

C- E- Book

E-Book is not the normal PDF of the books. No, it is like a long blog that contains all kind all needed information for one topic. Longer than a blog, but shorter than a book. it helps showcase your industry expertise.

D-Live Videos

Live Videos are great to let everyone join your events even they aren’t there! Amazing tools for engagements.


E-Contests and giveaways


Contests on social media has lots of popularity recently. Make giveaways from your industry and make sharing post one from the conditions to enter the contest. Contest will spread like fire and you get your needed likes and followers.


Third Step: Content Plan

Now you knew how to make different kinds of content on social media. Content plan is the third step. Organizing your content in a content plan is a pro tip! You can make it on spread sheet or excel sheet. Or you can use tools like “Buffer” Content Calendar” and other.


Here’s a Sample of a content plan. It will give a hand while making yours.

Remember, the passion for writing can be seen in your articles. Never lose it.

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