Fed up with your current career? Thinking about shifting your career and still don’t know how? This blog will give the roadmap that you will walk on for a successful shifting career process.

What is Career shift?

It is a process to change the type of profession and your career to another. Shifting Career is limitless, you can make a simple change like change from one branch to another in one field. Or you can change the whole field. Or you can change the industry, like you are a accountant in Oil and Gas field but you want to shift to accountant in the FMCG and so on.

Why do you want to shift your career?

This is the first question you need to ask yourself. Bring a paper and pen and write the points that bothers you in your current career and the points you loved the most. To see what the points you will put into consideration while searching for your best matching career.

Personal Analysis

Do you think that SWOT analysis is for marketing purpose only? No No, you are totally wrong. SWOT analysis can be used in all aspects of life.


What is SWOT analysis

SWOT is not a word it is an abbreviation that stands for:

  • Strengths

  • Weaknesses

  • Opportunities

  • Threats 

So, you need to know what is your strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats points to know to which career can you shift without having big loss.

To create it, draw a box with 4 squares, each square includes SWOT points: strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats. Strengths stands for your the points you are unique it, your skills and your talents and so on. Weakness stands for points you don’t love or you are not good it, you need to be extremely honest in it. You need to know which part are you going improve, which part you need take courses in it . Opportunities stands for external factors that can support you, considering resources, market, trends and so on. Shifting career is about knowing yourself very well.

Time to choose which career you are willing to shift to!

Still confusing which career to choose? Then choose two or three careers and try to search for duties for each one. Search also what skills each one needs and which one is the best matching with you. Also, you can compare for the average wages for each one and see what fits you the best.

Start Searching and Reading

You already chose the career you are shifting to? Excellent! then next step is to read more blogs, search for any information that might help. You can search for blogs on HubSpot, Glassdoor. You can also put all your questions on Quora. All of theses resources will help you in your journey to be a successful one.


Choose the Right Community

Every group of people works in the same career or in the same job has group on Facebook or LinkedIn for instance. Try to enter those groups and be part of theses communities. In theses groups you may found people wants to hire or someone say a good info that might help you.


Start Studying

You can’t start new career without studying how to do its work! Then you need to start searching for diplomas and Nanodegrees to boost your knowledge in this career and be a professional in it.


Udacity is a great website to start your studying on! Check it from Here

Gaining Experience

Start making small jobs that related to this career to build up your portfolio. You can check the freelancing website like Upwork, Freelance, Guru and so on. If you got your first gig you are on the track!

At the end, reading and learning from different recourses and try and error method is the best way to start over anything.

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