Did you hear before about a brand that its owner changed the brand’s name, identity, and color? That’s what’s called rebranding.
Rebranding is a marketing strategy that makes a new name, symbol, design, and concept for an already established brand.
Reasons Behind the Rebranding 
There are several reasons behind rebranding. Some of them are prominent reasons connected to the customers, and others are connected to an opportunity for growth or innovation.

Types of Rebranding 

  • Proactive Rebranding: It is a planned and calculated effort that is driven by a strategy.
  • Reactive Rebranding: It is not planned and it is driven by a series of circumstances.
    Let’s get into little deeper!
    Proactive Rebranding

Reasons to make a proactive Rebranding:

  • Staff that workers better. New services, new products, or even the fact that the business has developed. The change isn’t forced, but it rather needs to be naturally integrated into the business.
  • The 90s is Calling: Maybe your brand has been around for years and years and lost some of its lusters. Adding a little patina can be a good thing to make. That’s when your brand feels that it has lost its touch or the logo is out of mode.
  • Shifting The Fields: May be the company’s strategies could have been developed to a whole new field. Or added a new product in your company.

Reactive Rebranding

On the other hand, you have the reactive rebranding, it is the one that wasn’t prepared for. It is like the emergency status you made it to save your brand’s life.

  • Sudden Changes: Like there is a sudden change in the board member of the organization. Or parenting with another company
  • Hard Competition: No brand wants to be the loser. But if it is so hard to compete and the other guys make it much better you have to stop and look around. Can you compete with a current brand? Or it is better to rebrand for a much stronger and better brand?

Those are the two types of rebranding. Let’s dig into how to make a rebranding!

How To Rebrand!
Start By Knowing Your Vision and Mission  

Before you take the step of rebranding. Hold a minute and think again about the vision, mission, and values of your company.
Know what is your company’s brand voice? Words, tons, and anything related to that. You have to know all of that so when you make a rebrand, don’t get out of your company’s mission, vision, value, and brand voice.

Establish an Unbeatable Rebrand Strategy, That Can Work With Your Current brand 

This depends on two things. That you are doing a partial or making a rebranding from scratch. Not every brand has the ability to start from scratch.
So if you are making a partial rebranding, make sure that your new brand goes well with the current brand.
Example for partial rebranding: To create a new packaging or new package design, make sure that it goes well and reflects your brand

Put Into Your Consideration, Your Brand Audience and Market 

Before making rebranding, study well what the competitors do. See where are you stand from your competitor.
To make a successful rebranding, your brand image must be fresh, trendy, and for sure relevant to your brand. Check what’s trendy now and what is hot and what attracts your audience and put it into your consideration while making a rebranding.

Change Your Company’s Name!  

Why do I need to change my company’s name? Here are some reasons to change it while rebranding
1- Your New Business’s name, isn’t reflecting your business anymore
2- The Business Name is not unique enough
3- It is hard to say it or spell it. The easier and catchier your brand name gets the more it stands in the heads!

Re-establish Your Brand Identity

Check your brand strategy and decide well what should be kept from your old brand to you your new brand.

But What is Brand Identity?

1- Company Logo
2- Business Website
3- Business Card
4- Product Package and the design of the package
5- Illustration
6- Email Design
7- Personality
You have to check what is suitable for you to keep it in the new brand or you will change the whole identity. It is your call.

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