Digital marketing for B2B



Course overview:
If you have your own business, and want to market online by yourself, without resorting to a specialized marketing agency for high costs for you currently, this program will be suitable for you
This program will put you on the right track from A to Z to increase your sales.

What will You Learn?
By the end of this course you will be able to do the following
• Understand B2B Marketing Landscape
. Be able to build your B2B Pipeline.
• Leam B2B Pipeline
. Lear the best practices of using Linkedin as Marketing tool for B28
. Learn how personal and employer branding affect your &2B
• Learn how to use Linkedin as a Marketing tool for enhancing personal and employer branding,
• How to read Linkedin sovertising insights and take corrective actions.
• Learn how to run an e-mail campaign for B2B
Learn the best practices of e-mail campaigns for B2B

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