Advanced facebook Ads



In this course, we will study the advanced tips in Facebook ads and targeting techniques.
Advanced Facebook & Instagram Ads is a course that will help you to achieve the objectives of campaign and optimize the campaign and budget, by learning how to make a strategy that will define target the right audience, with the right objective and learn how to measure the Ads performance to be able to optimize quickly. And also studying customers and analyzing their purchasing behavior, how to exploit market opportunities to increase the volume of your customers, and how to transform them from interested customers to real buyers.


By the end of this course you will be able to do the following
How to create a media buying plan onFacebook
• Understanding The concept of how the algorithm works.
• Advanced Bidding Tips Strategies
• Understanding the Messages Campaigns and Chatbots
• Learning Advanced Tracking using Pocel
• Understanding of App Events, Purchase Events, and Online Events

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