The Marketing tactics recently has become unbelievably strong. To the extent that the marketers have the ability to manipulate the needs and wants of the consumer, to suit the needs and wants of their products.

But did you ever think how they can do that? Answer is in this word ” Neuromarketing”


What is ” Neuromarketing”?

It is applying neuropsychology to the market research to study consumers’ sensorimotor, cognitive, and affective response to marketing stimuli. As a results of this mixture, predicting consumer behavior became more accurate. And the more accurate predictions the fewer product and campaign failures.

How can it work?

There few tools for neuromarketing, the very primary two tools are “FMRI” and “EEG”. FMRI uses strong magnetic fields to track changes in blood flow across the brain. Meanwhile EEG reads brain-cell activity using sensors placed on the subject’s scalp. Those two tools help in tracking the changes in ones body and brain when he sees a specific product. Which can facilitate knowing the preference of the consumer. The only problem of these tools is they are way too expensive as FMRI machine can coast $5 million while EEG can coast $20,000.


Are the tools that expensive?

Actually no, there are tools that are much more affordable. Such as vital physiological functions ( eye tracking, arousal facial expression, heart rate ,respiration rate) and reflexes like (gaze fixation, pupil dilatation, face expression ) .All those can measure the attention and admiration of a specific thing.

Neuromarketing in use

So, after knowing about the ” Neuromarketing” let’s take a look on how brands use it for their own good.


Attractive Packaging

Advertisers know well that is not about what inside the packaging. But its all about how much the packaging attracts the eyes. It is because of Neuroimaging, as it has brought the packaging into a whole new level. Some brands like Campbell’s and Frito-Lay have used neuroimaging to reimagine their packaging. They found that consumers were shown packaging with their responses recorded as positive, negative or neutral.


Ads and Neuromarketing

Did you find that ads theses days are incredibly effective? YES! And here is the reason!

Advertisers uses Neuromarketing to know the response of the ads on the consumers. Cheetos has made an experiment to know how well their ads ads go. So they made a focus group to ask people about their ad that was making a prank. A women played a prank on her friend by filling her white laundry with orange Cheetos. People in focus group said that they disliked the ad. However, when the research of Cheetos used neuromarketing EEG revealed that in fact people loved the ad and found it a funny one! But people in the focus group may afraid on their image!

Losing Fear

As known, all people afraid of losing. No matter what is the thing they will lose. But the feeling of losing itself. For this reason, researchers found that adding the sentence ” buy before it’s gone” or ” Limited Edition” has a great effect on consumers. It’s like a trigger to fasten the buying process. This technique called framing and it’s consider on of the highly important techniques in “Neuromarketing”.

Catchy Headlines

Headlines are one of the very first thing that viewer see, so it is so important be noticed by researcher. They found out that when a familiar phrase altered our hippocampus is activated, and our attention is piqued. And this is called “Hippocampal Headlines”. So catchy headlines is the key to let the viewer read your blog.

Brands uses Neuromarketing

Frito -Lay

Frito- Lay is one of the very first companies that invested in Neuromarketing. Researchers have found that consumer reacted negatively to the shiny bags of potato chips. The company didn’t hesitate and quickly changed the bags into matt one. The tests appeared positive response from the consumers



As they know the importance of Neuromarketing, the manufacturer engaged some consumer in the early prototype and made some EEG tests. They used these results to boots sales.

Neuromarketing is becoming essential day by day and in the very near future will be vital.

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