About us:

IMC is a leading marketing Academy and agency specialized in Marketing advertising service & marketing education programs by professionals experience with online interactive courses


When we started IMC we only focused on one thing “ Adding Value “ this is our motto, we are responsible for making you the next great marketer and that happens by teaching you the latest updated curriculum that is taught abroad and that would help you define the market and be one of its leaders.


We offer a large range of Marketing courses to help trainees digital marketers and business owners level up and acquire practical skills


We offer our courses for individuals and companies as a private sessions and also available for everyone online or in our rooms (offline)


We think in the near future every single business will be run digitally thus, we will find new ways and techniques in digital marketing to cope with this hi-tech era.


It is not just readings and listening, there are workshops to practice everything you were taught and Implement by projects

Our vision

Shaping the future of MENA region's marketing landscape

Our Mission

Our mission is to be one of the leading educational institutions in the Middle East specialized in marketing

Our Values
  • Loyalty
  • Ethics
  • Innovation and inspiration
  • Entrepreneurship
  • spirit
  • Respect
  • Sustainability