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interactive that enable our trainees to communicate effectively with instructor to get the most benefit from their experiences over several years.
The trainees will also receive a certificate of attendance from IMC and Human capital institution , in addition to After training we have some opportunities that IMC provides to its excellent trainees to help them enter the market by perfect way

It totally depends on the course you choose. Some courses take around 4-5 weeks and some others will take 2and half months’ time.

• Marketers who work in digital marketing
• People who want to shift their careers
• University Students and Fresh graduates
• Business owners and Entrepreneurs

Yes, we provide training material which are the Recorded sessions with lifetime access, we provide also Guidebooks that you can download as PDF

Yes, we provide a course completion certificate, that you can receive in e-mail, or that we send via post . You can also receive it as a .pdf or .jpg file.

Bank Transfer ,Vodafone Cash , Fawry,Cash in Office.


What trainee Saying

شكرا دكتورة ايناس انا ميسان من المغرب كنت متخيله جوجل صعب ومعقد سهليته علينا جدا ووصلنا بشكل بسيط

شكرا لحضرتك لمجهود حضرتك الكبير في امانه الشرح وتوصيل المعلومه

انا احمد اسماعيل في دفعه رقم ١٤ من دبلومه الديجتال ماركتنج والله ما عارف اشكر واقول ايه مجرد ما بدات اطبق بايدي بدات اشتغل وكاني عندي خبرة

شكرا دكتورة كانت محاضرة دسمه وقيمه ربنا يزيدك من علمه

من اكتر الاماكن الي اخدت فيها حورس واستفادت والمتابعه والدعم دايما


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